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210 D. Kim, J. Choi, J. Byun, J. T. Kim, G. S. Lee, J. G. Kim, D. Kim, P. Boonmongkolras, P. F. McMillan, H. M. Lee, A. J. Clancy, B. Shin, S. O. Kim

“Monodisperse Carbon Nitride Nanosheets as Multifunctional Additives for Efficient and Durable Perovskite Solar Cells”

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces ,vol. 13, no. 51, pp. 61215-61226 (2021).

209 K.-S. Kim, J. Yoo, J.-S. Shim, Y.-I. Ryu, S. Choi, J.-Y. Lee, H. M. Lee, J. Koo, S. -K. Kang

“Biodegradable Molybdenum/Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate Conductive Paste for Flexible and Stretchable Transient Electronics”

Advanced Materials Technologies ,no. 2001297 (2021)

208 J. You, H. G. Kim, J. Lee, K. Kang, H. M. Lee, M. Kim, S.-H. Hong

“Microstructure Modification of Liquid Phase Sintered Fe?Ni?B?C Alloys for Improved Mechanical Properties”

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A (2021).

207 C. Choi, J. Cai, C. Lee, H. M. Lee, M. Xu, Y. Huang

“Intimate atomic Cu-Ag interfaces for high CO2RR selectivity towards CH4?at low over potential”

Nano Research (2021)

206 J. You, H. G. Kim, J. Lee, H.-H. Kim, Y. Cho, B.-S. Jeong, K. Kang, H. M. Lee, H. N. Han, M. Kim, S.-H. Hong

“Effects of molybdenum addition on microstructure and mechanical properties of Fe-B-C sintered alloys”

Materials Characterization ,vol. 173, no. 110915 (2021).

205 S. Hong, C. H. Liow, J. M. Yuk, H. R. Byon, Y. Yang, E. Cho, J. Yeom, G. Park, H. Kang, S. Kim, Y. Shim, M. Na, C. Jeong, G. Hwang, H. Kim, H. Kim, S. Eom, S. Cho, H. Jun, Y. Lee, A. Baucour, K. Bang, M. Kim, S. Yun, J. Ryu, Y. Han, A. Jetybayeva, P.P. Choi, J. Agar, S. Kalinin, P.Littlewood, and H. M. Lee

“Reducing Time to Discovery: Materials and Molecular Modeling, Imaging, Informatics, and Integration”

ACS Nano ,vol. 15, pp. 3971-3995 (2021)

204 A. Shawky, J.-S. Nam, K. Kim, J. Han, J. Yoon, S. Seo, C. S. Lee, R. Xiang, Y. Matsuo, H. M. Lee, S. Maruyama, I. Jeon

“Controlled Removal of Surfactants from Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Stronger p-Doping Effect and Its Demonstration in Perovskite Solar Cells”

Small Methods ,vol. 5, no. 2100080, pp. 1-10 (2021).

203 S. Choi, Y. Park, J. Choi, C. Lee, H.-S. Cho, C.-H.Kim, J. Koo, H. M. Lee

“Structural Effectiveness of AgCl-decorated Ag Nanowires Enhancing Oxygen Reduction”

ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering ,vol. 9, pp. 7517-7528 (2021)

202 H. J. Lee, J. C. Yang, J. Choi, J. Kim, G. S. Lee, S. P. Sasikala, G.-H. Lee, S.-H. K. Park, H. M. Lee, J. Y. Sim, S. Park, S. O. Kim

“Hetero-Dimensional 2D Ti3C2TxMXene and 1D Graphene Nanoribbon Hybrids for Machine Learning-Assisted Pressure Sensors”

ACS Nano ,vol. 15, pp. 10347-10356 (2021).

201 T. Yun, G. S. Lee, J. Choi, H. Kim, G. G. Yang, H. J. Lee, J. G. Kim, H. M. Lee, C. M. Koo, J. Lim, S. O. Kim

“Multidimensional Ti3C2TxMXene Architectures via Interfacial Electrochemical Self-Assembly”

ACS Nano ,vol. 15, pp. 10058-10066 (2021)

200 J. Choi, S. Kwon, Y. Park, K. Kang, H. M. Lee

“In Silico High-Throughput Screening of Ag-Based Electrocatalysts for Anion-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells”

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters ,vol. 12, pp. 5660-5667 (2021).

199 S.-H. Lim, K. Ryou, K. Jang, W. S. Choi, H. M. Lee, P.-P. Choi

“Hot cracking behavior of additively manufactured D2 steel”

Materials Characterization ,vol. 178, no. 111217 (2021)

198 K. Bang, B. C. Yeo, D. Kim, S. S. Han and H. M. Lee

“Accelerated Mapping of Electronic Density of States Patterns of Metallic Nanoparticles via Machine-Learning”

Scientific Reports ,vol. 11, no. 11604 (2021).

197 C. Choi, S. Kwon, T. Cheng, M. Xu, P. Tieu, C. Lee, J. Cai, H. M. Lee, X. Pan, X. Duan, W. A. Goddard III and Y. Huang

“Highly Active and Stable Stepped Cu Surface for Enhanced Electrochemical CO2 Reduction to C2H4”

Nature Catalysis ,vol. 3, pp. 804-812 (2020)

196 J. Koo, S. B. Kim, Y. S. Choi, Z. Xie, A. Bandodkar, J. Khalifeh, Y. Yan, H. Kim, M. K. Pezhouh, K. Doty, G. Lee, Y.-Y. Chen, S. M. Lee, G. D'Andrea, K. Jung, K. Lee, K. Li, S. Jo, H. Wang, J. H. Kim, J. Kim, S.-G. Choi, W. J. Jang, G. Lee, Y. S. Oh, I. Park, S. S. Kwak, J.-H. Park, D. Hong, X. Feng, C.-H. Lee, A. Banks, C. Leal, H. M. Lee, Y. Huang, C. K. Franz, W. Ray, M. MacEwan, S.-K. Kang and J. A. Rogers

“Wirelessly Controlled, Bioresorbable Drug Delivery Devices with Active Valves that Exploit Electrochemically Triggered Crevice Corrosion”

Science Advances ,vol. 6, no. 35, pp. eabb1093/1-13 (2020).

195 H.-S. Lin, J.-M. Lee, J. Han, C. Lee, S. Tan, H. M. Lee, M. S. Strano, Y. Yang, S. Maruyama, E. J. Choi, I. Jeon, Y. Matsuo and J.-W. Oh,

"Denatured M13 Bacteriophage-Templated Perovskite Solar Cells Exhibiting High Efficiency"

Advanced Science , pp. 2000782/1-12 (2020).

194 G. S. Lee, T. Yun, H. Kim, I. H. Kim, J. W. Choi, S. H. Lee, H. J. Lee, H. S. Hwang, J. G. Kim, D. W. Kim, H. M. Lee, C. M. Koo and S. O. Kim

“Mussel Inspired Highly Aligned MXene Film with Synergistic Enhancement of Mechanical Strength and Ambient Stability”

ACS Nano , vol. 14, no. 9, pp. 11722-11732 (2020).

193 H.-S. Lin, S. Okawa, Y. Ma, S. Yotsumoto, C. Lee, S. Tan, S. Manzhos, M. Yoshizawa, S. Chiashi, H. M. Lee, T. Tanaka, H. Kataura, I. Jeon, Y. Matsuo, S. Maruyama,

"Polyaromatic Nano-tweezers on Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes for the Growth and Interfacing of Lead-Halide Perovskite Crystal Grains in Solar Cells"

Chemistry of Materials , vol. 32, pp. 5125-5133 (2020).

192 D. Song, D. Hong, Y. Kwon, H. Kim, J. Shin, H. M. Lee and E. Cho,

"Highly Porous Ni-P Electrode Synthesized by an Ultra-fast Electrodeposition Process for Efficient Overall Water Electrolysis"

Journal of Materials Chemistry A , vol. 8, pp. 12069-12079 (2020).

191 M. Kim, B. C. Yeo, Y. Park, H. M. Lee, S. S. Han and D. Kim,

"Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate the Discovery of N2 Electroreduction catalyst"

Chemistry of Materials , vol. 32, pp. 709-720 (2020).

190 J. Koo, C. Lee, C. R. Chu, S.-K. Kang and H. M. Lee,

"Integration of Ultrathin Silicon and Metal Nanowires for High Performance, Transparent Electronics"

Advanced Materials Technologies , vol. 5, no. 4, pp. 1900962/1-7 (2020).

189 C. Lee, K. Shin, C. Jung, P.-P. Choi, G. Henkelman and H. M. Lee,

"Atomically Embedded Ag via Electro-diffusion Boosts Oxygen Evolution of CoOOH Nanosheet Arrays"

ACS Catalysis , vol. 10, pp. 562-569 (2020).

188 T. Song, J. Y. Cheong, J. Y. Choi, C. Park, C. Lee, C. Lee, H. M. Lee, S.-Y. Choi, H. Song, I.-D. Kim, and D. Y. Jeon,

"A Feasible Strategy to Prepare Quantum Dot-Incorporated Carbon Nanofibers as Free-standing Platforms"

Nanoscale Advances , vol. 1, no. 10, pp. 3948-3956 (2019).

187 Q. Guo, J. Koo, Z. Xie, R. Avila, X. Yu, X. Ning, H. Zhang, X. Liang, S. B. Kim, Y. Yan, M. R. MacEwan, H. M. Lee, A. Song, Z. Di, Y. Huang, Y. F. Mei, J. A. Rogers,

"A Bioresorbable Magnetically Coupled System for Low Frequency Wireless Power Transfer"

Advanced Functional Materials , vol. 29, no. 46, pp. 1905451/1-8 (2019).

186 J. Lee, M. You, S. Kim, J. Choi, H. Jung, H. W. Lee. H. M. Lee, H. Y. Kim, B. Lee, K. J. Lee,

"Preparation of Non-woven Nanofiber Webs for Detoxification of Nerve Gases"

Polymer , vol. 179, pp. 121664/1-9 (2019).

185 I. Jeon, J. Yoon, U. Kim, C. Lee, R. Xiang, A. Shawky, J. Xi, J. Byeon, H. M. Lee, M. Choi, S. Maruyama, Y. Matsuo,

"High-Performance Solution-Processed Double-walled Carbon Nanotube Transparent Electrode for Perovskite Solar Cells"

Advanced Energy Materials , vol. 9, no. 27, pp. 1901204/1-10 (2019). Cover Article

184 C. Lee, C. Lee, K. Shin, T. Song, H. Y. Jeong, D. Y. Jeon and H. M. Lee,

"Ag2S-CoS Hetero-nanowires Terminated with Stepped Surfaces for Improved Oxygen Evolution Reaction"

Catalysis Communications , vol. 129, pp. 105749/1-5 (2019).

183 S. Seo, I. Jeon, R. Xiang, C. Lee, H. Zhang, T. Tanaka, J.-W. Lee, D. Suh, T. Ogamoto, R. Nishikubo, A. Saeki, S. Chiashi, J. Shiomi, H. Kataura, H. M Lee, Y. Yang, Y. Matsuo and S. Maruyama,

"Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes as Crystal Growth Templates and Grain Bridges in Perovskite Solar Cells"

Journal of Materials Chemistry A , vol. 7, no. 21, pp. 12987?12992 (2019).

182 K. Kang, S. Kwon, C. Lee, D. Hong and H. M. Lee,

"Hierarchical Analysis of Alloying Element Effects on Gas Nitriding Rate of Fe Alloys: A DFT, Microkinetic and kMC Study"

Acta Materialia , vol. 174, pp. 173-180 (2019).

181 S. Hong, W. Jung, H. M. Lee, P. S. Weiss, I.-D. Kim,

"Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology"

ACS Nano , vol. 13, no. 4, pp. 3741?3745 (2019). Editorial Virtual Issue

180 C. Jung, K. Kang, A. Marshal, K. G. Pradeep, J.-B. Seol, H. M. Lee and P.-P. Choi,

"Effects of Phase Composition and Elemental Partitioning on Soft Magnetic Properties of AlFeCoCrMn High Entropy Alloys"

Acta Materialia , vol. 171, pp. 31-39 (2019).

179 T.-H. Han, J.-W. Lee, C. Choi, C. Lee, Z. Dai, S. Tan, N. De Marco, S.-J. Lee, S.-H. Bae, H. M. Lee, Y. Huang and Y. Yang,

"Perovskite-Polymer Composite Cross-linker Approach for Highly-stable and Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells"

Nature Communications , vol. 10, pp. 520-529 (2019).

178 B. Moorthy, S. Kwon, J.-H. Kim, P. Ragupathy, H. M. Lee and D. K. Kim,

"Tin Sulfide Modified Separator as an Efficient Polysulfide Trapper for Stable Cycling Performance in Li-S Batteries"

Nanoscale Horizons , vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 214-222 (2019).

177 S. Kwon, S. Naserifar, H. M. Lee and W. Goddard,

"The Polarizable Charge Equilibration Model for Transition-Metal Elements"

The Journal of Physical Chemistry A , vol. 122, no. 48, pp. 9350-9358 (2018).

176 J. Koo, M. R. MacEwan, S.-K. Kang, S. M. Won, P. Gamble, M. Stephen, Z. Xie, J Shin, N. Birenbaum, Y.-Y. Chen, J. Khalifeh, D. V. Harburg, K. Bean, S. Chung, S. B. Kim, M. Paskett, J. H. Kim, Y. Yan, J. Kim, K. Luo, S. M. Lee, B. Ji, D. Ostojich, H. M. Lee, Y. Huang, W. Z. Ray and J. A. Rogers,

"Wireless Bioresorbable Electronic System Enables Sustained Non-Pharmacological Neuroregenerative Therapy"

Nature Medicine , vol. 24, pp. 1830-1836 (2018).

175 O. A. Waseem, A. Ulanbek, H. M. Lee and H. J. Ryu,

"A Combinatorial Approach for the Synthesis and Analysis of AlxCryMozNbTiZr High Entropy Alloys"

Journal of Materials Research , vol. 33, no. 19, pp. 3226-3234 (2018).

174 J.-W. Lee, Z. Dai, C. Lee, H. M. Lee, T.-H. Han, N. De Marco, O. Lin, C. S. Choi, B. Dunn, J. Koh, D. Di Carlo, J. H. Ko, H. Maynard and Y. Yang,

"Tuning Molecular Interactions for Highly Reproducible and Efficient Formamidinium Perovskite Solar Cells via Adduct Approach"

Journal of the American Chemical Society , vol. 140, no. 20, pp. 6317-6324 (2018).

173 O. A Waseem, J. Lee, H. M. Lee and H. J. Ryu,

"The Effect of Ti on the Sintering and Mechanical Properties of Refractory High-entropy Alloy TixWTaVCr Fabricated via Spark Plasma Sintering for Fusion Plasma-facing Materials"

Materials Chemistry and Physics , vol. 210, pp. 87-94 (2018).

172 C. Lee, K. Shin, Y. J. Lee, C. Jung and H. M. Lee,

"Effects of Shell Thickness on Ag-Cu2O Core-Shell Nanoparticles with Bumpy Structures for Enhancing Photocatalytic Activity and Stability"

Catalysis Today , vol. 303, pp. 313-319 (2018).

171 K. R. Yoon, K. Shin, J. Park, S.-H. Cho, C. Kim, J.-W. Jung, J. Y. Cheong, H. R. Byon, H. M. Lee and I.-D. Kim,

"Brush-like Cobalt Nitride Nanorods Anchored Carbon Nanofiber Membrane: Current Collector-Catalyst Integrated Cathode for Long Cycle Li-O2 Batteries"

ACS Nano , vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 128-139 (2018). Cover Article

170 Y. J. Lee, C. Lee and H. M. Lee,

"Synthesis of Oxide-Free Aluminum Nanoparticles for Application to Conductive Film"

Nanotechnology , vol. 29, no. 5, pp. 055602/1-055602/8 (2018).

169 C. Jung, C. Lee, K. Bang, J. Lim, H. Lee, H. J. Ryu, E. Cho and H. M. Lee,

"Synthesis of Chemically Ordered Pt3Fe/C Intermetallic Electro-Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction with Enhanced Activity and Durability via a Removable Carbon Coating"

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces , vol. 9, no. 37, pp. 31806 - 31815 (2017).

168 M. S. Ryu, H. G. Kim, H. Y. Kim, K.-S. Min, H. J. Kim and H. M. Lee,

"Prediction of Glass Transition Temperature and Design of Phase Diagrams of Butadiene Rubber and Styrene Butadiene Rubber via Molecular Dynamics Simulations"

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics , vol. 19, no. 25, pp. 16498 - 16506 (2017).

167 K. Shin, L. Zhang, H. An, H. Ha, M. Yoo, H. M. Lee, G. Henkelman and H. Y. Kim,

"Interface Engineering for a Rational Design of Poison-free Bimetallic CO Oxidation Catalysts"

Nanoscale , vol. 9, no. 16, pp. 5244-5253 (2017).

166 Y. J. Lee, N. R. Kim, C. Lee and H. M. Lee,

"Uniform Thin Film Electrode made of Low-Temperature-Sinterable Silver Nanoparticles: Optimized Extent of Ligand Exchange from Oleylamine to Acrylic Acid"

Journal of Nanoparticle Research , vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 32/1-32/11 (2017).

165 N. R. Kim, Y. J. Lee, C. Lee, J. Koo and H. M. Lee,

"Surface Modification of Oleylamine-Capped Ag-Cu Nanoparticles to Fabricate Low-Temperature-Sinterable Ag-Cu Nanoink"

Nanotechnology , vol. 27, no. 34, pp. 345706/1-345706/7 (2016).

164 D.-W. Choi, M. Yoo, H. M. Lee, J. Park, H. Y. Kim and J.-S. Park,

"A Study on the Growth Behavior and Stability of Molecular Layer Deposited Alucone Films using DEG and TMA Precursors, and the Enhancement of Diffusion Barrier Properties by ALD-Al2O3 Capping"

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces , vol. 8, no. 19, pp. 12263-12271 (2016).

163 C. R. Chu, C. Lee, J. Koo and H. M. Lee,

"Fabrication of Sintering-free Flexible Copper Nanowire/Polymer Composite Transparent Electrodes with Enhanced Chemical and Mechanical Stability"

Nano Research , vol. 9, no. 7, pp. 2162-2173 (2016).

162 H. An, S. Kwon, H. Ha, H. Y. Kim and H. M. Lee,

"Reactive Structural Motifs of Au Nanoclusters for Oxygen Activation and Subsequent CO Oxidation"

Journal of Physical Chemistry C , vol. 120, no. 17, pp. 9292?9298 (2016).

161 S. Kwon, K. Shin, K. Bang, H. Y. Kim and H. M. Lee,

"CO Oxidation by MoS2-Supported Au19 Nanoparticles: Vacancy Formation and Tensile Strain Effects"

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics , vol. 18, no. 19, pp. 13232-13238 (2016).

160 J. Koo, S. H. Kwon, N. R. Kim, K. Shin and H. M. Lee,

"Ethylenediamine-Enhanced Oxidation Resistivity of a Copper Surface in Water-Based Copper Nanowire Synthesis"

Journal of Physical Chemistry C , vol. 120, no. 6, pp. 3334?3340 (2016).

159 K. Bang, K. Shin, M. S. Ryu, S. H. Kwon and H. M. Lee,

"Titanium-Promoted Au-Ti Bimetallic Nanoparticle Catalysts for CO Oxidation: A Theoretical Approach"

Catalysis Today , vol. 265, pp. 14-18 (2016).

158 J. Chang, S. K. Kang, J.-H. Lee, K.-S. Kim and H. M. Lee,

"Recrystallization as a Growth Mechanism for Whiskers on Plastically Deformed Sn Films"

Journal of Electronic Materials , vol. 44, no.10, pp. 3486-3499 (2015).

157 C. Lee, N. R. Kim, J. Koo, Y. J. Lee and H. M. Lee,

"Cu-Ag Core-Shell Nanoparticles with Enhanced Oxidation Stability for Printed Electronics"

Nanotechnology , vol. 26, no.45, pp. 455601/1-455601/9 (2015).

156 J. Koo, C. Lee, S. J. Hong, K.-S. Kim and H. M. Lee,

"Microstructural Discovery of Al Addition on the Sn-0.5Cu Based Pb-Free Solder Design"

Journal of Alloys and Compounds , vol. 650, pp. 106-115 (2015).

155 N. R. Kim, K. Shin, I. Jung, M. Shim and H. M. Lee,

"Ag-Cu Alloy Bimetallic Nanoparticles with Enhanced Resistance to Oxidation: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study"

Journal of Physical Chemistry C , vol. 118, no. 45, pp. 26324?26331 (2014).

154 S. C. Yeo, Y.-C. Lob, J. Li and H. M. Lee,

"Theoretical Study of the Ammonia Nitridation Rate on an Fe (100) Surface: A Combined Density Functional Theory and Kinetic Monte Carlo Study"

Journal of Chemical Physics , vol. 141, no. 13, pp. 134108/1-134108/8 (2014).

153 C. Choi, S. C. Yeo, D. Kim, J. Kim, K. D. Yoo and H. M. Lee,

"Study of Shallow Backside Junctions for Backside Illumination of CMOS Image Sensors"

Journal of Electronic Materials , vol. 43, no. 11, pp. 3933-3941 (2014).

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"New Sn-0.7Cu Based Solder Alloys with Minor Alloying Additions of Pd, Cr and Ca"

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"Mechanistic Investigation of the Catalytic Decomposition of Ammonia (NH3) on an Fe(100) Surface: A DFT Study"

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149 J. Chang, S. K. Kang, J.-H. Lee, K.-S. Kim and H. M. Lee,

"Investigation of Sn Whisker Growth in Electroplated Sn and Sn-Ag as a Function of Plating Variables and Storage Conditions"

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148 N. R. Kim, I. Jung, Y. H. Jo and H. M. Lee,

"A Simple Process for the Preparation of Copper (I) Oxide Nanoparticles by a Thermal Decomposition Process with Borane Tert-Butylamine Complex"

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IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology , vol. 1, no. 12, pp. 1939-1946 (2011).

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"Graphene Veils and Sandwiches"

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